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Wiyot Tribe closer to acquiring City of Eureka's land on Indian Island

EUREKA- The Wiyot Tribe is now closer to acquiring approximately 200 acres of Indian Island from the City of Eureka.

Indian Island is a site of cultural and spiritual significance for the Wiyot Tribe and the site of the 1860 Wiyot Massacre. The Tribal Council recently sent a letter to the City of Eureka, requesting the City consider allowing the Tribe to acquire the 200 acres of city-owned land on the island.  The Tribe, federal government and local residents currently own the rest of the land on the island. At Tuesday night’s Eureka City Council meeting, tribal officials explained the importance of Indian Island. The Eureka City Manager is forming an ad hoc committee to review the Wiyot Tribe’s request and make a recommendation to the council at a future meeting.

"We're not going to stop until we get the island back and if it doesn't happen this time, maybe the next time, but I think it's going to happen and we will still continue to move forward, because that's the center of our world," said Cheryl Seidner, a Councilwoman for the Wiyot Tribe.