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Wiyot tribe receives 48 condor feathers for World Renewal Ceremony

LOLETA- The Wiyot tribe has 48 California Condor feathers that will be used to bring back the tribes traditional World Renewal Ceremony on Indian Island. The tribe has not been able to hold the ceremony for 154 years and have been working to get their traditional land back and safe for the event.

The feathers were donated to the tribe from the Sia Essential Species Repository which collects and distributes the feathers for cultural proposes to federally recognized tribes. The feathers are traditionally used to make crafts and will be used during the ceremony.

The last World Renewal Ceremony was held in 1860 when it was interrupted by a massacre that killed 200 Wiyot women and children. The tribe has since purchased 1.5 acres and received 100 acres back from the City of Eureka. In 2013 the EPA told the tribe the island was safe for tribal use.

"We're getting ready and it means a lot," said Cheryl Seidner former Chair of the tribal council.