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Wiyot World Renewal Ceremony held over weekend

The Wiyot World Renewal Ceremony was held over the weekend.  News Channel 3 caught up with members of the Wiyot Tribe a few weeks prior as they were practicing for the event.


"It makes me feel really proud to be a part of this, especially because it's my heritage and it's where my people came from, and it makes me feel like overjoyed.  Because it's so old and you're praying for my people who were killed during the massacre," said Pilar James, a Wiyot Ceremonial Dancer.


It had been 154 years since the last World Renewal Ceremony, when the 1860 Massacre occurred. 

Normally it is a 7 to 10 day ceremony, but this year, it was 3 days. 

Candlelight vigils have been held for the 1860 Massacre over the years, most recently this past February.  Now, tribal officials say no more candlelight vigils will be held after this year’s World Renewal Ceremony.


"Now, we no longer have to commemorate those people who died violently on the island.  Now we're bringing them home in this ceremony this month.  And part of it is that we're healing.  We're healing the earth, we're healing the ground, we're healing each other, we're healing our families, our communities, our country, and to be so bold as that we're healing the world," said Cheryl Aseidner, a Wiyot Tribal Council Member.