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Woodturning studio re-opens after fire

RIO DELL- “You really don’t realize how much you lose in a fire until you start going through the ashes,” said Adam Dias, owner of Dias Artistries Gallery and Studio in Rio Dell.

Nearly three weeks ago, Dias began sorting through those ashes after flames engulfed his woodturning studio.

“Woodworkers use fire all of the time to rustify things and make them rustic looking, and an ember just took off and it took about 9 hours but it finally caught fire and burned up a large amount of inventory,” Dias said.

More than $15,000 worth of wood was lost. The building sustained extensive damage in the fire. Dias says that he estimates almost $25,000 was lost in revenue.

But he is now able to proudly display his open sign outside of Dias Artistries. He is back in business and hard at work to replace the lost inventory. Now that the studio is back open, customers can once again tour the studio, watch the woodturning process in person, and do some shopping.

“We're a growing business and if you've got ideas for things you want to do, we love working with local customers,” Dias said. “Our motto is, like, if you can dream it, we can build it you know, that's kind of our goal.”

From ashes to back in business, Dias says he will keep working to fulfill those dreams.