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Work Zone Safety Awareness Week

EUREKA- It's National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week and here on the North Coast, Caltrans is reminding motorists to slow down for the “cone zone.”

In the 15 years the campaign has existed, work zone related fatalities in the United States have gone down 34 percent. However, officials say drivers are still causing problems. Caltrans officials say distracted, inattentive and aggressive drivers account for most of the injuries and fatalities in work zones. Officials also say throughout the nation, speeding caused 23 percent of those fatalities in 2013.  This week, and the rest of the year, officials remind drivers to slow down and react to changing road conditions when entering a work area.

"Certainly, we're concerned about work zone safety, but not just for our workers on the road.  In actual fact, two of the three injuries and fatalities that we see in work zones are drivers or passengers in the vehicle, so it's in everyone's best interest to be aware of what's going on and slow down and react to the changing conditions," said Brad Mettam, the Deputy District 1 Director for Caltrans.