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Working on Christmas Day

HUMBOLDT COUNTY-It might not come as surprise that most places are closed on Christmas Day. There are also some that decide to remain open.

People have different reactions to many stores being closed on Christmas Day.  Some get frustrated.

"Because you're used to just going to the store and getting something and the store is not open and you're like 'I need this from the store!" said Sheryl Oxford, who lives in Eureka.

Others have a different viewpoint.

"Everybody needs that one day, you know?Tto spend with their families," said Edward Hayes, who lives in Eureka.

Meanwhile, the businesses remaining open have their reasons.  The Victorian Inn in ferndale, whose co-owner, Lowell Daniels, says being open on Christmas is a necessity, is open 365 days a year.

"We're in the hospitality business and a long time ago it dawned on me that we shouldn't invite people from around the country or around the world to come visit us and then be closed," Daniels said.

Business owners in the area say they receive more business on Christmas Day because most of their competition is closed.

"A lot of stores close on Christmas Day and since I am the only one open on Christmas Day there's more business," said Hong Chheng, the owner of Donut Mill in Eureka.

Even though some people, like Donna Bowen of Ferndale, say Christmas is a time for people to relax, many are hard at work.