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You can never be too old for an Easter egg hunt

EUREKA - You can never be too old for an Easter egg hunt, at least that's what the residents at Timber Ridge Assisted Living Center say.

Friday, staff organized an egg hunt for residents, as a way to promote activity. Despite wheelchairs and walkers, about 20 seniors strolled through the Timber Ridge garden in hopes of finding an Easter egg. The hunt has included residents and employees grandchildren for many years, but as of last year, the seniors got involved and now it’s a tradition.  

“When you get a bunch of old people together, they don't all think alike, so it's not like little kids, saying, oh we've got to go find eggs. It's just getting together with other friends and having fun,” said Arlene Hardwick, Timber Ridge Eureka Resident. 

“Anything that brings socialization and normalcy to your senior years is vitally important,” said Larona Farnum, Part Owner & Operating Officer.