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Zane Middle School now offering full ceramics program thanks to purchase of kiln

EUREKA- Zane Middle School in Eureka is offering a full ceramics program for the first time thanks to the purchase of a new piece of equipment.

"I think in the digital world that we live in, sometimes we forget how important it is to have that tactile, physical experience.  Touching clay, going back to the early man experience of making things out of clay that then become permanent.  A lot of remember how me made that first pot.  I talk to adults who say, 'Yeah, I remember my first pot, I still have it today,'" said Bill Funkhouser, who is an Art and Math teacher at Zane Middle School.

Over the summer, Zane Middle School purchased a $3,000 kiln with the help of a $1,500 grant from Humboldt Sponsors, which is a non-profit organization.  The kiln is used to heat ceramics until they are hard and make the glaze melt. Since the beginning of the school year, 7th and 8th grade students at Zane Middle School have been making basic pottery and say they enjoy their new art activity.

"I enjoy ceramics because you start off with clay and you think everyone's will turn out the same but actually it's your own art and you do whatever you want and no one has the same idea," said Joseph Ignacio, who is an 8th grade student.

"I enjoy it because you can add your own twist to it and nothing is the same so you can do whatever you want," said Myra Saechao, who is also an 8th grade student.