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Zane Middle School students build Popsicle stick bridges

EUREKA- A group of Zane Middle School students got a head start preparing for next month’s Humboldt Math Festival.

SHN Engineering and the American Society of Civil Engineers donated money to the festival so local students could compete in a Popsicle stick bridge-making contest.  For the last few weeks, 6th graders in the Zane Middle School Engineering Program have been building practice bridges, which they tested on Tuesday using a bridge-testing device built by HSU Engineering students.  The strongest practice bridge in the group supported 100 lbs.  The kids hope to build stronger bridges for next month’s contest.

"I actually think this is a really fun project because I've never really built a bridge before and I think this is a good opportunity to learn about engineering and building and see how that kind of stuff works," said Mason Yates, a 6th grade student at Zane Middle School.

If any Humboldt County schools want to participate in the Popsicle stick bridge contest at next month’s festival, they can contact Ken Pinkerton, the Science/Engineering Teacher at Zane Middle School at (707) 441-2470.