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Zane Middle School students perform Gadzooks Galileo

EUREKA- Students at Zane Middle School celebrated the Renaissance while learning life lessons as part of the production of Gadzooks Galileo.

The production was a hit for the parents, local elementary school students and the Zane Middle School students who saw the five shows in the last two days. The actors say they had a blast as well.

"It's absolutely amazing to just be able to get up there and feel the lights on your face and just be able to have your own moment to just be someone else.  It's fun to be yourself but it's even more fun sometimes to just escape into someone else and just live their life almost," said Lyn Gillespie, a 7th grade student at Zane Middle School.

More than 140 students have been working to put on Gadzooks Gallilleo since early January, and they say they’ve learned the value of hard work.

"Something new I learned is how much it takes to put on a play, big or little, how much work it takes to put everything together from scratch, from the auditions to the live performance," said Kylie Van Vleck, a 7th grade student at Zane Middle School.

“You really have to figure out what's going on and what you have to do be productive and be spot on," said Callie Davey, a 7th grade student at Zane Middle School.

"Quite frankly, coming to the stage was kind of the icing on the cake.  I watched students push.  I worked with two pe classes on dance moves they were afraid to do and they didn’t know if they could hit them and they hit them beautifully on the stage," said Kristin Sobilo, who is a 7th and 8th grade teacher at Zane Middle School.

Gadzooks Galileo is part of Zane Middle School’s status as a STEAM school, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, which are all integrated in the production.

"Galileo incorporates all that.  So we had the art class do our backdrop, we had our sixth grade classes do different kinds of scientific theories and things with Archimedes and his water, our 6th graders wrote a Romeo and Juliet rap,"

International opera singers and co-founders of AmazingVox School Residencies, Annalisa Winberg and Roy Stevens, helped organize the production.