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Zombies Takeover Blue Ox Millworks

Zombies are set to take over the historic Blue Ox Millworks for a haunted house tour put on by the North Coast Repertory Theater. Volunteers have been working to transform the 1900s building and surrounding yard to be a haunted meat packing plant.


Tour Coordinator, David Hamilton, said transforming the area was easy.


"Just seemed like a perfect marriage of creepy old building with a fabulous history," said Hamilton.


About 50 volunteers will be acting as zombies, blacksmiths and other characters for the tour.


Chyna Leigh, the makeup and effects designer, said it is a huge job doing makeup on all the volunteers.


"I have never tackled anything quite like this before. It's a massive undertaking," said Leigh.


Several organizers working on setting up for the tour have been scared themselves said Hamilton.


"They will come back in shaking because something will have happened out there that really spooked them," said Hamilton.


Employees of the mill have told Hamilton that they believe they have experienced ghosts at the site before.


"There are actually rumors of the place actually being haunted. That's a little extra scary even for the people who are working here," said Hamilton.


"It's dark there's noises that we can't explain. I'm a skeptic, but I have definitely been creped out," said Leigh.


The tour will be open Friday, Saturday, Oct. 30th and Halloween from eight till midnight.