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Zoppe Family Circus comes to Arcata

ARCATA- A circus established in 1842 is performing on the North Coast for the first time, thanks to the HSU Center Arts Program.

"I think we all need laughter and we're all so busy with work and school and everything that we do and this is a great way to let off steam.  And it's a family friendly event, so we feel like it's an important thing," said Michael Moore, Jr., the Event Coordinator for HSU Center Arts.

The Zoppe Family Circus held two performances on Friday for elementary school students from across Humboldt County. The students went to the circus as part of a field trip through the HSU Center Arts Artists and Schools Program.  The circus continues this weekend with shows for the public. Those performances include acrobats, domestic animal tricks and of course, clowns.  Kids in attendance on Friday say they had a great time.

"I liked all the animals and the people doing flips.  It was really fun and sometimes it was scary what they did and it was exciting," said Hayley Kroeker, who lives in Arcata.

The circus is at the Creamery District in Arcata, which is located at 1251 9th Street. The shows on Saturday are at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.  The show on Sunday is at 2 p.m.