PenAir to Make Final Flight Out of Humboldt on Monday

The airline will cease operations of all routes in the Pacific Northwest, including McKinleyville and four other cities.

Flights operated by PenAir between Crescent City and Portland will continue.

PenAir CEO and Chairman Danny Seybert said closing the routes will allow the airline to cut costs and stay focused on financial stability and safe operations.

Another factor is pilot shortage.

We talked to travelers today who are disappointed with the decision.

“We came up here, flew from San Francisco and it was a little dicey as far as finding an airline,”
said Tim Mckean, “We love it up here and we’d love to come back but if they made it hard we don’t have that many resources. If choices are limited we might not be able to fly here again.”

Travelers who purchased tickets are asked to call PenAir for a refund or they can have their flights changed to Crescent City.

United Express will again be the lone airline provider in McKinleyville.

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