Humboldt County Jail Starts Yoga Program For Inmates


EUREKA – The Humboldt County jail is taking a mindful approach to helping inmates get back on their feet.

Monday the facility kicked off a six week yoga program for their male inmates, called Yoga on the Inside.

Depending on the success, they may continue with the program.

The instructor, Kevin Mclean, has specialized training through the Prison Yoga Project, an organization whose objective is to provide prisoners a “mindfulness tool”.

Ultimately, the goal of the program is to heal and prepare inmates for re-entry into the real world.

“People that experience incarceration have high levels of trauma and what this class is about is helping them work through the trauma that is instilled within their bodies,” explained Humboldt County Correctional Facility Programs Coordintaor, Vanessa Vrtiak, “We want the community to know that we are investing in these folks because ultimately 95% of them are coming back in to our community and we want them to feel supported because when we invest in them we invest in ourselves.”

“We’re trying to live up to our name as a correctional facility,” added Administrative Sergeant, Dennis Griffin, “and help people correct themselves and leave and walk out of this place better than when they came in.”

The jail is also interested in hiring a female yoga instructor for the female inmates. If you’ve wanted to become a certified yoga instructor, then perhaps this could be for you.

They will prioritize someone who has been trained through the Prison Yoga Project – for more information: