No Wrongful Death After Investigation By Humboldt County D.A.

HUMBOLDT COUNTY – An investigation into an alleged wrongful death is found not to have merit. District attorney Maggie Fleming has found no wrong doing by police in the death of Jeremy Jenkins last year in Eureka.

In April of 2016, police responded to the WinCo parking lot near Spring Street for a welfare check regarding Mr. Jenkins who was observed rolling around on the ground by a passerby.

Police arrived and began talking to Jenkins who reported smoking about $40.00 worth of methamphetamine. Dashboard video shows the officer talking with Jenkins. 5 minutes later a second officer arrived. Video showed Jenkins getting placed in the back seat of a patrol vehicle and when the officer and Jenkins arrive at the hospital staff they’re aided in getting Jenkins into a wheelchair.

Jenkins would later die from acute methamphetamine intoxication. The lab report states that a toxicology reading of between 0.2 and 5 is potentially fatal. Jenkins lab report stated his was at 7.78.

Fleming agreed with the conclusion of the pathologist’s report that officers didn’t contribute to Jenkin’s death. She notified the deceased man’s family of her conclusion and expressed her department’s deepest regret for the loss of their son.