Wellness Week Workshop Highlights Value Of Nutrition


EUREKA – It’s Wellness Week in Humboldt County and Tuesday young people had the chance to learn more about the impact of nutrition on overall health.

A nutritionist and professor from Humboldt State University shared the basics of healthy eating, everything from what a calorie is to the balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates needed to create a nutritious diet.

In addition to physical well being, events throughout the week will highlight other aspects of wellness including financial, spiritual, and emotional health.

The Humboldt County Transition Age Youth Collaboration or HCTAYC seeks to empower youth to improve systems of care for themselves and young people that follow.

Sierra Watson, a member of the group’s Youth Advisory Board, says nutrition and education are an important part of effective advocacy. Watson explained, “For one to set good healthy habits early on in life so that they can continue to grow and maintain their good health. And it’s also really important because there’s so much misinformation out there and a lot of fad diets that can cloud the minds of a lot of people whether young or old.”

Wellness Week continues through Saturday. For a complete schedule follow this link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ttm84IiqkPjkV90N8OLIgP0Roy_g2-goSfs7DPpgY8I/edit#heading=h.6f46gpse9ux8