Supervisors Appoint New Human Resources Director


HUMBOLDT COUNTY – The Board of Supervisors has appointed a new Human Resources Director for Humboldt County. The news is not new. Lisa DeMatteo was appointed in July but just started work last week.

DeMatteo holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource and Consumer Affairs, a master’s in Business Administration and a senior certification in Human Resources Management. The newly hired executive said she and her husband fell in love with Humboldt County long before deciding to move to the area. She is going to implement many new strategies, including employee satisfaction questionnaire, to make sure each member of staff feels comfortable and secure in their job, making their job role productive and proactive. It’s unclear what kind of employee satisfaction survey question, or questions, will be asked but it’s good to get staff talking as they’re at the forefront of Humboldt. Humboldt is excited to see what this new partnership will lead to. If your business also has a human resources team which is ran by a Director, you may want to think about having a HR Software program to help you keep everything organised in one place to make it easier to navigate.

Supervisor, Virginia Bass said DeMatteo’s experience will help the county navigate the many changes headed our way at the local, state and federal levels. The board also wanted to thank outgoing director, Dan Fulks for his years of service.

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