Complex Fires Still Eating Up Acreage In Six River’s National Forest



SIX RIVERS NATIONAL FOREST – Six Rivers National Forest continues to be impacted by two large complex fires.

The Orleans Complex has 19 fires. It is approaching nearly 8,700 acres. 13 of those fires have been contained.

Firefighters were able to take advantage of favorable weather overnight and conducted tactical firing operations to remove unburned fuels along Forest Road 15-N-17. The operation is intended to confine the Haypress Fire which has no percentage of containment whatsoever.

Over the past few days, smoke has been heavy so air attack was suspended. Officials hope with Wedneday’s improved conditions; they’ll be able to resume.

The Ruth Complex has now burned nearly 4,800 acres and is 97% contained.

The Ten Bear trailhead leading to the Marble Mountain wilderness is still closed as is a portion of the Happy Camp Ranger District due to the proximity of the Ukonom Fire.

Motorists traveling on State Highway 96 near Orleans are reminded that there will be large amounts of fire traffic.