Sheriff Addresses Community Concerns In Samoa


SAMOA – The Humboldt County Sheriff addressed concerns Saturday from community members at the Peninsula Union School.

Citizens of the peninsula have been gathering regularly to discuss problems in their community, including not feeling safe, and have created an organization called the Peninsula Community Collaborative.

By request, Sheriff William Honsal came out to hold the forum to discuss actions that can be taken.

The Sheriff mentioned the importance of the trending Neighborhood Watch program.

Through this program, a block within a neighborhood can sign up to keep each other accountable and work directly with HCSO staff.

To sign up, you can contact the Neighborhood Watch Program Director, Ginger Campbell, at the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Honsal also mentioned how vital Measure Z funding has been as a part of hiring more staff and obtaining equipment for law enforcement.

“The message that I want to give the people that live in the peninsula here is that number one we do listen and we want to hear their concerns,” said Sheriff Honsal, “A lot of times they don’t know the things that we do behind the scenes. Also, we want to let them know the things they can do to be proactive.”

Also during the address, a surprise announcement was made regarding a new grant approved to benefit the Peninsula Community Collaborative for the next three years, the amount of which has not yet been shared.

“I’m very excited about this announcement. We’ve spent a lot of time building community and trying to elicit input from the community about what the core problems are and now we get to go out and put together an implementation plan,” said Peninsula Community Collaborative member, Carol Vander Meer.

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