Klamath National Forest mushroom collecting permits available

KLAMATH NATIONAL FOREST – It’s almost mushroom season in the Klamath National Forest, but forest service officials warn you to be careful when picking.

While the Klamath National Forest allows mushroom collecting with a proper permit, they emphasize caution to those who forage.

Forest botanist Erin Lonergan says “mushrooms can be difficult to correctly identify, [and] poisonous mushrooms do occur in our area and can be hard to distinguish from edible species. If in doubt, do not consume any wild mushrooms… use a guide book to learn what is safe and what is not.”

They also recommend letting someone know if you plan on going out to pick, and to keep in mind that cell phone service is limited in many areas of the forest.

To get a mushroom collecting permit you can stop by the Goosenest Ranger District or the Happy Camp, Oak Knoll Ranger District offices.

They’re open Monday through Friday from 8AM-4:30PM.

For more information on mushroom harvesting, you can give the rangers offices a call:
Goosenest Ranger District – (530) 398-4391
Happy Camp/Oak Knoll Ranger District – (530) 493-2243.

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