Humboldt State volunteer fair connects students with community organizations


ARCATA – Humboldt State University’s Center for Community Based Learning is connecting students with local volunteering opportunities.

Wednesday they hosted their annual volunteer fair in the campus quad.

Over 50 volunteer organizations and nonprofits from on and off campus set up booths – including environmental agencies, health organizations, educational services and more.

Hundreds of students came through the quad to check it out, and were able to learn about the many ways they can become more involved in the community.

“We find that it’s a really great way for students to actually start to feel at home in Humboldt County and make some connections to the area while also making a difference in a cause that they care about and getting some experience for their careers,” said organizer and Faculty Support Coordinator of the Center for Community Based Learning, Loren Collins.

“It’s a way for students to see how many groups and people there are out there who really care about making Humboldt County a better place for all of us to live in,” added the Community Based Learning Community Partner Coordinator, Stacy Becker, “So get out and volunteer!”

“I was interested in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program,” said one inspired Humboldt State student, Alexis Valtenbergs, “I think there’s a lot that program does that’s really great in the community. It’s really cool that there are all these local initiatives that students can get on board with.”

“The reason why volunteering is so important to us is because you get an experience while you’re here,” added another student involved with the campus environmental program, Adriana Magdaleno, “My closet friends here I’ve met through Green Campus. It makes you feel good to be a part of something while you’re here. Definitely get involved in something that you’re passionate about!”

If you have a nonprofit or volunteer organization interested in connecting with Humboldt State students, you can contact their Community Partner Coordinator, Stacy Becker, at 707-826-4963.