“121 Years… A Million Memories” Humboldt County Fair 2017 concludes

FERNDALE – The 121st Humboldt County Fair wrapped up Tuesday.

The Ferndale tradition kicked off two weeks ago – entertaining visitors with music, rides, horse races, and of course, plenty of food.

This was the first year the fair offered a “sensory friendly” day aimed at allowing autistic and light and sound sensitive visitors to enjoy the event by turning off flashing lights and making some rides a slower speed.

The theme of this year’s fair was “One 121 years…A Million Memories” and for some attendees we spoke with, their Humboldt County Fair memories go back for some time.

“I grew up here and am going away for college. I like to come back here with my niece and my nephews. Seeing them reminds me of growing up and going to the fair every year,” said Faye Kirkpatrick, “It brings back childhood memories. I know that I’ll be back next year because it’s tradition.”