Emergency call box use continues in the cell phone age


HUMBOLDT COUNTY – More call boxes could be coming to Humboldt County’s roadways.

Humboldt County Association of Governments or HCAOG operates the county’s emergency call boxes using state funds.

In the last quarter, sixty-two stranded motorists took advantage of the service on Highways 101 and 299.

And California Highway Patrol provides supplemental patrols to cover those areas that do not currently have them.

That may change soon. HCAOG will submit a request for proposals to evaluate the need for installation on county roads and may add satellite boxes in areas without cell service.
HCAOG Executive Director Marcella Clem says even in the age of cell phones, call boxes continue to be important.

HCAOG Executive Director Marcella Clem said, “I hear a lot that everyone has a cell phone, but not everyone does. There’s a lot of people in our community that can’t afford a cell phone. One thing mentioned at the HCAOG board meeting is people don’t stop for roadside breakdowns anymore so that’s where the call boxes come in where people can get help.”

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