Cupcakes for a Cause: Arcata Girl Organizes Bake Sale for Harvey Victims


Arcata, Ca., (KIEM)- The first sale Brianna Robinson made outside of Murphy’s Market on Bayside in Arcata was a pink frosted cupcake. She’s not even old enough to drive, but she is old enough to raise money for the benefit of those hit hardest by Hurricane Harvey.

With the help of her parents and her friend Siobhan, Robinson baked Texas shaped sugar cookies, brownies, cakes, and muffins which she spread out on a small table in front of the grocery store. 

She says she wanted to help the people in Houston, and she doesn’t think age should be a barrier to making a difference. 

“Some of my friends feel like they can’t make a difference because they’re too little or they’re not big enough or they’re not strong enough to do anything about anything.” She says, after hanging a sign with ‘Helping Hearts Bake Sale’ scrawled across it in marker, “I was riding around town in Eureka, and I realized how many people needed help, so I was going to raise money for that but then Hurricane Harvey hit, so I decided I would do it for the people in Texas first.”  

For a young girl as passionate as Robinson, this fundraiser is unlikely to be her last.