Residents urged to fill disaster readiness kits for National Preparedness Month

NORTH COAST – September is National Preparedness Month and emergency officials say the time to prepare is now.
The Community Emergency Response Team or ‘CERT’ teaches locals the basics of preparedness.
Chair of the Humboldt ‘CERT’ Coalition Linda Nellist said that in spite of the constant messaging around preparedness, many are still lacking even the most basic supplies.
Each member of the family needs at least one change of clothes, water, food and a way to communicate.
Nellist said you can start by putting one item in your emergency kit.
Humboldt CERT Coalition Chair Linda Nellist said, “If you don’t have any kit at all, take a checklist, take a duffel bag, a suitcase, a grocery bag, and start looking for those items in your own home and putting those in to the bag, so that you’ve got a start on it. And then as you see things on sale or you’re going to a store and you notice that you can use that with your disaster supplies kit, put that in.”
Check out these websites for more information on how you can get prepared now.

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