“Sanctuary for All” – North Country Fair spreads message of unity

ARCATA – The 44th annual North Country fair in Arcata wrapped up Sunday and this year organizers intended on spreading a message of unity.

This year’s theme was “A Celebration of Sanctuary for All”- what they say is a message for the present times.

Since 1974, the North Country fair has brought community members together from all walks of life to celebrate a mutual appreciation for art, music and food.

Dozens of local vendors, musicians and community members came together at the fair enjoy.

“We’re all in this together. We’re here to support each other as a family of humans,” said one organizer and stage manager, Jesse Jonathon, “Whatever color your hair is, whatever color your face is, all these different things. You’re this unique part of this big, beautiful puzzle. We’re really trying to honor each other and that’s what we feel the theme is trying to do – is to really encourage each other to embrace each other. The company that runs this thing calls themselves the ‘same old people’, but we got to keep getting new people in to the same old people – so that the event itself continues to evolve and that it continues to represent the community that we’re serving.”

To find out how you can participate or volunteer for their upcoming events, you can visit www.sameoldpeople.org

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