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Fire danger still moderate after a rainy day

Fortuna, Ca., (KIEM)- Cal Fire has this message for citizens in Humboldt and Del Norte counties: they might start prescribed burns soon, but that doesn’t mean burn suspensions are lifted for everyone.

“Things are a little bit damp right now.” Cal Fire’s Humboldt/Del Norte Unit Chief, Hugh Scanlon explains, “The fine fuels are really wet, but some of the heavier fuels still maintain a lot of their dryness. We’re in a situation where you need to be conscious of the burn suspension still in effect. We’re not anticipating lifting that anytime soon.”

Scanlon says Cal Fire had planned on starting prescribed burns Tuesday, but the rainy conditions made that difficult. That process should begin soon. However, private homeowners should wait to burn piles on their property. Burn suspensions, he says, will remain in place for a while.

Homeowners should call Cal Fire before conducting a burn. When prescription fires happen, professional fire crews are close at hand to manage the situation. As fire risk is still moderate, having the pros on site for a burn is always a good idea.


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