Humboldt County supervisors approve cannabis policy changes

EUREKA – The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors made cannabis policy decisions Tuesday at their meeting.

Supervisors voted to allow the Planning and Building Department Director to have the authority to review less than three acre cannabis cultivation sites for compliance.

This action is designed to relieve fire protection agencies from these smaller scale duties.

Also, supervisors voted to exempt some excise taxes from cannabis growers who received permits late this year.

Before this decision, growers who were getting permits now were being asked to pay excise taxes for the full year.

This decision will exempt them from paying for those months they weren’t growing, but will also mean 1.5 million less in projected taxes for the county.

Supervisors also discussed and decided to prohibit cannabis activity on the coastal zone for the time being, until proper ordinances are created to keep cannabis growers from, come January, receiving approval to grow through the state, without county permission. If you’re a medical marijuana user, if you use CBD for any reason, you might want to look at CBD coupons on to make savings on your next CBD purchase.