Humboldt State student overcomes homelessness, receives CSU honors



ARCATA – A Humboldt State University student is a shining example of redemption and is receiving recognition.

Zahra Shine is earning her master’s degree in counseling from Humboldt State, but prior to this, Shine has faced homelessness and mental health issues.

Now she’s using her education to help others in the community – working as a counselor for local students and families.

This week, Shine was honored by the California State University system with the Trustee’s Award for Outstanding Achievement.

“For me being able to grow up overcoming such adversity such as being homeless on and off until I was eleven and my parents having severe mental disorderes and me struggling with my own consequences of growing up through that trauma and neglect – it’s really been a journey for me. What really keeps me going is the ability to help other students. The feeling that you’re not alone and that someone is there for you during those times of crisis, that’s why I want to pursue this path,” said Shine.

Shine was one of 23 students out of the 28,000 CSU student-system to receive the award.

When she graduates, Shine hopes to research therapeutic treatments and shape public policy, and ultimately become a professor.