Suspect in Southern Humboldt shooting posts bail

EUREKA – A man suspected to be involved in a Southern Humboldt shooting posts bail on Wednesday.

21-year-old LeMarcus Martin was arrested August 30th in the a South Carolina airport, in relation to a marijuana robbery and shooting that took place in the Briceland area earlier in August.

Allegedly, a local man and his friend were trying to sell marijuana to three men, including Martin, who were from out of the area.

The suspects attempted to drive away with the marijuana and when the victim tried to stop them, he was shot.

The victim’s injuries were near fatal.

It has not been determined if Martin himself was the shooter.

His bail was at $100,000 when this morning it was paid for.

Anyone with more information on the incident, or the whereabouts of the other involved suspects should contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

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