Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office responds to Las Vegas shooting


EUREKA – Tragedy strikes in Las Vegas, as over 50 people are shot to death in what is now the largest recorded mass shooting in the United States. In light of the horrific events that took place last night, law enforcement around the country is looking at the incident trying to see how they can assure safety at public events.

Right here at home the Humboldt County’s Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the safety for many public events and concerts. Sheriff Honsal says when they’re securing an event they’re also securing the surrounding community as well, they want to make sure these events are taking place in a safe area. He says his heart breaks for the victims and their families and wants to learn from this to make sure nothing similar takes place here. All Humboldt County Deputies are trained how to respond to active shooters and are constantly updating their training to make sure they are prepared for anything.

A Humboldt County Deputy Sheriff and his girlfriend, who is also an officer in the county were both at the concert last night in Las Vegas and Honsal was relieved to report that they are both safe.

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