Runaway Night Fundraiser set for Friday in Eureka

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- Sleeping outside on the pavement doesn’t sound glamorous, but organizers hope it’ll be impact for volunteers this Friday October 6.

E.P.I (Empower. Protect. Invest.) is a local non-profit dedicated to ending human trafficking. For them, the Runaway Night Sleep out is a major fund raiser.

“We have asked people to sign up to sleep outside. It works sort of like relay for life. You get sponsors our pledges to sleep outside for a night, to kind of mimic what it feels like to be a runaway.” Samantha Karges, an organizer explains.

The event begins at 5 p.m. with a screening of the film “I am Jane Doe.” That will be followed by a Q&A with survivors of modern slavery. Then, participants will ‘sleep out’ (albeit many will bring blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags) to simulate the experience of a runaway.

“We just thought ‘how can we be unique, and raise awareness in a different way [rather than] just a community talk?’ Community talks are great! But we wanted something that was more impactful for the people participating.” Karges says.

Families are encouraged to attend. To register online, visit

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