USPS Informed Delivery offers electronic sneak peak of your daily mail

EUREKA – A new service offered by the U.S. Postal Service, could mean more secure mail while also inspiring younger generations to go to the post office.

As mail winds through the processing facility at the post office’s main branch in Eureka, a camera captures an image of each piece.

If you opt in for the free Informed Delivery Service, you’ll receive an email with those pictures to let you know what you should be receiving that day.

This tool can be used to cut down on mail and package theft. It is also a chance for the more than 240 year old service to connect with younger generations, which is a cause for excitement in Postal Employee Amy Letter’s family.

Eureka Main Branch Postal Employee Amy Letter said, “I’m a third generation postal employee, my mom was a postmaster, her father, my Nano, was a city carrier for the City of Rio Dell and my daughter has never stepped foot in to the post office. To get her excited, She’ll get an email telling her that she has a package waiting for her in the dormitory. I’ll get a text saying ‘oh my gosh how exciting.’ And its just A great thing to see the post office bringing in new consumers.”

To learn how you can opt in for informed delivery, follow this link htps://

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