Preliminary results in for Yurok Tribal Council election

YUROK – Preliminary results are in for the Yurok Tribe’s primary election for seats on the Tribal Council.

North District:
Edward Horse Aubrey 56.98%
Jack Mattz 43.02%

Requa District:
Ryan P. Ray, Sr. 57.58%
Elise Williams 42.42%

Weitchpec District:
Toby Vanlandingham 50.88%
Thomas Willson, Sr. 49.12%

If the results are confirmed, Edward Horse Aubrey will represent the North District, Ryan P. Ray, Sr. will represent the Requa District, and Toby Vanlandingham will represent the Weitchpec Distict.

There is a chance there may be a re-count for the Weitchpec District because the results were so close.

The Yurok Tribe Election Board is scheduled to meet on Monday to certify and finalize these results.

Tribal Council members are responsible for enacting legislation and regulations for the tribe in line with their constitution.

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