Prepare your Pets: Companion Animals help locals with disaster readiness

Arcata, Ca., (KIEM)- For those with furry family members, preparing you pet for an evacuation or a natural disaster is important. That’s why the Companion Animals Foundation is tabling at a “Dare to Prepare” event on November fourth.

At the event volunteers like Kim Class will be on hand to teach attendees about animal CPR. They’ll have an ID engraver, and will sell pet tags for just five dollars.

“One of the problems in Hurricane Katrina is there were a lot of lovely dogs and people came and said they were their pets when they actually weren’t.” Class explains. She says its vital for pet owners to have their pets micro-chipped, and make sure they’re wearing visible ID.

If you’re separated from your furry friend during a disaster, Class has another tip: “Get photos of you and your pet. Always have photos ready. The papers that we have ask you to put them in Ziploc Bags and tape them to the top of your kennel. Have a picture with you and your pet so that you can prove that it is your pet.”

She also encourages everyone to evaluate what their pet’s needs are. Then develop a disaster kit with food, litter boxes, kennels, collars, leashes (or whatever items your pet usually needs). Keep that kit by the door.