“Reading in the Redwoods” Author Festival returns to Humboldt County

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- Dan Gemeinhart is the author of Scar Island, Good Dog, Some Kind of Courage, and The Honest Truth; the chapter books are geared toward fourth through eighth graders. His readers are pre-teens, just beginning the journey of self-discovery. Many of those reader live right here, in Humboldt County. 

Because of community donations, and a tradition that dates back to the 1970s, Gemeinhart spent his morning with the Cutten Tigers. He took questions from young readers and aspiring writers, and gave them the opportunity to connect with the creator of some of their favorite fictional characters.

“Hopefully it makes them think about possibilities in their own future. I talk a lot about pushing through failure and how long it took me to get published and following your dream and not giving up and a lot about kindness and anti-bullying. So hopefully they got some takeaways about following their own dreams and being the best person they can be. Hopefully also [they’ll get] excited about books and reading.” Gemeinhart said.

He said the children in Humboldt county were bright, inquisitive and engaged. “I hope they enjoyed it. I enjoyed being here.” The writer of realistic fiction said.

Geimeinhart was just one of twenty five authors who took part in the 2017 Author Festival. The published and well known writers visited more than 60 local schools.

For more information on the Author Festival visit: http://www.authorfest.org/