Virginia Bass leaps into 2018 campaign: hosting kick-off event

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- Humboldt County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Virginia Bass is getting a jump on the 2018 campaign season. She’s announcing her bid for re-election, and started reeling in supporters at a candidacy kick-off event at the Eureka Women’s Club Tuesday night.

Before becoming the District Four Supervisor, Bass served as Mayor of Eureka. She’s also served on the City Council and says, she’s ready to continue her focus on job creation, low income housing, and the issue of homelessness in the city.

“It’s not just about economic development, you can’t have economic development until you start dealing with other issues your community faces.” Bass says, “That’s kind of why I spend a lot of time these days on issues of homelessness and opiate addiction, and mental illness, because until we get our house in order how are we really expecting to be economically bustling at the seems?”

Despite her early announcement (more than a year before the election) already Bass is not the only fish in the sea. She’s being challenged by Dani Burkhart. Burkhart is a self-described local-consultant and she’s worked with several Humboldt County Democratic Campaigns. Still, Bass thinks she might have an advantage.

“I like to meet with people who don’t agree with me, and get to know them. I bring people together to work on issues. I have a wide base of support.” She says, “I have people here tonight that would normally not be in the same room together. That’s pretty exciting.”