Eureka Seniors got Talent: Talent Show showcases importance of social interaction

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- From poetry readings to renditions of Folsom Prison Blues, local seniors showcased their abilities at a semi-annual talent show sponsored by the Adult Day Health division of the Humboldt Senior Resource Center. For attendees the show is a special chance to share artistic gifts, and fellowship with peers. Organizers know, there’s more value in the program than first meets the eye or ear.

“It’s that isolation.” Robby Annis, the activities coordinator for Adult Day Health says, “They can actually come and socialize with like minded peers, where at home they don’t get that interaction at home.”

Events like these offer social opportunities that are good for mental health. They also require skills that keep minds sharp Annis says. “That for brain development and stimulation, can really help a person medically and cognitively.”

A link to the Senior Resource Center Calendar of events can be found here:

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