Fat Cat opening day only a few weeks away


EUREKA – After a lengthy and detailed restoration, a historic building in Eureka is now just a few weeks away from reopening.

Most don’t realize how much history the building really has, but over the past 5 years some locals have been working to bring it back to life.

Phil Burns and his partner Miles Ketchum are about to open the Fat Cat Bakery, Carvery, and Tappery, but the process required a lot of work to make it just right.

The building has many new updates but has been restored back to its original look with great care to preserve features such as the old growth fir ceilings.

All this hard work has been fueled by a passion for everything that makes this area so special and a desire to have it enjoyed by everyone.

The Fat Cat is located on 7th street and scheduled to open in early December after a few final touches.