Assembly Member Jim Wood holds public hearings on universal health care

EUREKA, CA. – Following several rallies in Eureka pushing for universal health care in California, North Coast Assembly Member Jim Wood is moving the conversation forward.

Although not outright in support of SB-562 that North Coast protestors have been pressuring him to advocate for, Wood is co-chairing a Select Assembly Committee on Health Care Delivery Systems and Universal Coverage.

He is part of organizing public hearings in major cities around the state to gather testimonies.

The first of hearing was held in Sacramento in October, the next is to be held in Los Angeles on December 11, and another is still in the planning stages for 2018.

“This committee has been charged with identifying a pathway to healthcare for almost 40 million Californians,” said Wood in a released statement, “Health care for all is our goal and we are committed to digging deep into the details of what can lead to a comprehensive, sustainable and affordable healthcare system for our state. Our goal is to complete our report, with actionable recommendations, in time for policy committees to consider next year.”