Giving the Gift of Music: Redwood Coast Music Festival Unveils 2017 Poster


Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- Rainy conditions Saturday forced the unveiling ceremony for the 2017 Redwood Coast Music Festival indoors. The rain did little to dampen the spirits of any attendee or organizer. Hot Jazz, Swing, Zydeco, even Rockabilly bands plan to roll into town in April for the annual event (voted Best in Humboldt).

If the festival starts in April, why launch ticket sales in the presence of Santa Claus, with the help of Tuba Christmas? Lynn McKenna, who has helped organized the festival says their goal is to help folks to give the gift of music. It’s a sustainable present, an experience instead of an object. More than that, the giving doesn’t stop when tickets are handed over at the holidays.

The festival originally started as a fundraiser for seniors in need. It featured mostly jazz back in 1991. Now, the audience has expanded, and the causes they support have widened too. Now, youth music programs are recipients of some of the proceeds from sales. The original mission hasn’t changed too much either, more than $30,000 dollars have been raised to support seniors in Humboldt County. Over $100,000 have gone towards music education for young people locally.

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