Access Humboldt Director shares concern over repeal of net neutrality

EUREKA, CA. – The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to do away with net neutrality, and some locals are speaking out against this decision.

Net neutrality is the policy that requires Internet service providers, such as Suddenlink or AT&T, to give equal access to all content online.

This includes not slowing down competitor websites, or blocking some sites to increase traffic the providers own.

The policy also restricts companies from charging for faster Internet speeds.

Goals of eliminating net neutrality include reducing government regulations and promoting competition between providers.

Local content creator and Access Humboldt Executive Director Sean McLaughlin shared with News Channel 3 his biggest concern with the repeal, saying that he believes, “Locals will only be able to find commercial content, and have less access to informational, community based content.”

Although the FCC has repealed net neutrality, the decision will have to pass through Congress, and groups have already shared plans to sue the commission over the decision, which could take months to resolve.