‘Disaster Fair’ preps Mad River Community Hospital staff for emergencies

ARCATA, CA. – Preparedness is key when it comes to disaster, and employees at the Mad River Community Hospital are practicing their readiness, so they can quickly help those in need during an emergency.

Understanding radio use and the hospital incident command system are some of the skills that were practiced today at the hospital’s first ‘Disaster Fair.’

Of course, anyone’s first obligation in the event of a disaster is their own family, so in order to be ready to return to helping patients, employees went over ways to prepare at home.

Strategies included having a backup generator, and a safety kit packed with enough food and water for at least three days.

Furthermore, the hospital also provided information about where to find generators for sale, and how these devices generate the electrical power needed during cuts, shortages, or any other interruption to mains power.

“If we’re not ready to respond and absorb the effects of a disaster then we can’t serve our patients and the people that are going to need us,” said Emergency Program Coordinator, Angelina Gregorio, “The most important thing in emergency preparedness is working together. If you learn skills, share them with someone else. We can encourage people to work together with events like Disaster Fair.”

To sign up for Humboldt County Emergency Alert notifications, visit this link: https://humboldtgov.org/2014/Emergency-Notifications/alerts