Eureka mother shares story of assault, attempted kidnapping


EUREKA, CA. – A Eureka mother recounts a terrifying experience on social media, sharing that a woman tried to steal her baby and truck before assaulting her.

While loading the child in the back of her truck on V street Sunday morning at about 10:30, the Eureka mom says a woman ran from across the street and jumped into the front seat, and put her dog in the back.

When the mother told the woman to leave, she says the perpetrator got out of the truck and started to attack her.

The victim’s mother called 911, while the suspect continued to attack.

“My mom flagged down some people that were driving down the road… Four cars later, someone finally stopped and got out and helped. It took three people to get her off of me and then the cops finally showed up and got her into custody, and they arrested her,” explained the victim in a video.

An identity of the female suspect has not been confirmed.

No injury was done to the child, and the mother is recovering from minor injuries.