Measure E to the rescue: Fortuna says voter approved sales tax making a difference

FORTUNA – City officials are crediting the voter approved sales tax with balancing Fortuna’s budget.
The city said that Measure E has already allowed for the hiring of two detectives after those positions that were cut along with the budget a few years ago.
In addition, finance Director Aaron Felmlee said the city hired a parks and recreation director and funded road improvements all thanks to Measure E.
Nearly 60 percent of voters approved the 3/4 cent sales tax in 2016.
Aaron Felmlee, Finance Director for the City of Fortuna, said, “Having Measure E be passed by the voters has really helped to be able to look for opportunities in the city that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to go for. Things you need a little bit of capital up front to be able to pursue. Whereas before it was ‘we’re strapped. There’s nothing we can do.’ Now that we have a little room we’re able to go out and hopefully try and provide those services the public is really looking for.”
Council will hold a public meeting at city hall to hear from the community on how best to use Measure E funds. It will start at 6p.m. on January 30.