“Are You Okay” Telephone reassurance service expands to McKinleyville

McKinleyville, Ca., (KIEM)- For the first time residents of McKinleyville have access to the “Are you Okay” program. Spear-headed by the Humboldt Senior Resource Center, and funded in part by the McKinleyville Rotary, the program doesn’t just serve senior citizens. It’s an opportunity for anyone living alone to improve their personal safety.


Everyone who signs up gets a lock box, and a once daily phone call to check on their welfare. If the participant cannot be contacted after three computer operated phone calls an emergency contact is alerted. After that first responders at the Arcata Fire District are notified. Only first responders have access to the lock-boxes, and can enter homes for welfare checks.

To find out more or enroll call (707)443-9747 ext. 1240.