Drug and alcohol-related deaths see increase in Humboldt County

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, CA. – Alcohol and drug-related deaths in Humboldt County are on the rise.

Research shows alcohol and drug-related deaths went up in the county in 2017, particularly for men, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Data was assessed from Coroner’s Office records, and showed 49 people died unattended due to alcohol or drugs in 2017, as compared to 43 people in 2016, and 41 people in 2015.

An increase was seen in men, who made up 33 of the 49 deaths in 2017 – up from 24 male deaths the year prior.

The leading cause, or about 29% of all of 2017’s drug and alcohol related-deaths, was due to methamphetamine and stimulant toxicity.

The median age at death was about 46-years-old.

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