Problems at the pump, motorist leave with empty tank


McKinleyville, Ca.,(KIEM) A McKinleyville woman is in shock after she said she was scammed at a gas station.

On Saturday morning, Nichole Moritz and her boyfriend were heading to Willow Creek, before they started their trip they stopped at the 76th gas station on Hiller and Central Avenue. Moritz claims she handed a middle aged African American woman wearing blue jeans and a black jacket twenty dollars to fill up her tank but it wasn’t too long before the couple realized something was missing.

Mortiz contacted the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office, but because there is no paper trail or in other words a receipt, there is no proof of purchase or a crime was committed she has however reached out to the gas station management demanding reimbursement.

I spoke with the big oil and tire company, they told me this was their first time hearing about the incident and they will conduct their own investigation.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, get a receipt and also make sure gas is coming out of the pump.