Growing a Cannabis Policy: Del Norte Co. Supervisors Speak on Interim Ban

Crescent City, Ca., (KIEM)- When Adult Use or recreational cannabis was legalized in the Golden State, all 58 counties were left to hammer out local legislation, taxes, and policy on everything from cultivation to retail.

In Del Norte County there is an interim ban on cannabis in place, but the situation is sticky. The state law is overarching. That means citizens can still grow their six plants for personal use and enjoy the protections of the larger law. If this is something you are in the process of doing but are finding it difficult as you don’t have equipment like Rosin Press to progress further, this may be something worth looking into to make this happen. The law by some is frustrating after developments were made towards legalizing cannabis. Growing cannabis in the desert is actually workable according to desert gardeners, DPG. You will need to watch for over-heating and make sure you water liberally, but you got all the sunshine you need. Not a bad plant to supplement your cactuses! This is what some might have to turn too to be able to grow their cannabis in peace. Some residents may feel that cannabis can be extremely helpful for medical purposes such as to use medical marijuana to offset fibromyalgia symptoms. Though, with being so restricted to how much they can grow, those with an illness may not be able to reap the full benefit of the plant.

“There’s a great deal of history around this, and what we want to communicate to those folks who are listening on the outside and are hearing it for the first time, Del Norte has been in discussion about cannabis now for the last four years.” Chris Howard the Chairman of the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors explains.
And that process will not be easy. Some people openly oppose most recreation marijuana activities. “With all due respect, Del Norte County is not Humboldt County, and Del Norte County is not Oregon. We are Del Norte County.” District One Supervisor Roger Gitlin says, “What makes us special, isn’t going along with the rest of the crowd.”
“Even though cannabis issue passed here in Del Norte County by over a 50% margin, it’s still something that’s a balance. So, your community government is taking a very careful approach on how this rolls forward.” Howard says. He goes on to explain that the process will take time.
“It was in September of 2017 that the county made a move unanimously to appoint a working group to really study this issue in depth.” Howard explains. “Moving forward today the working group is bringing us many pieces of what will become an ordinance in Del Norte county that’ll address retail, that’ll address personal use, that’ll address track and trace, and commercial grows.” Howard stresses his hope that the Board of Supervisors will be able to release a comprehensive policy for cannabis in the county by December of 2018.
In the meantime they’ll have to tackle cannabis one topic at a time. By the sounds of it, they’ll deal with personal use first and branch out from there. All the while Giltin describes the interim ban as “permanent,” and seems to point to stricter policy winning the day.
As for the future of cannabis in the county? That’ll be determined one ordinance at a time.
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