Business is Blooming: A Look at Mother’s Day Spending


Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- 86 percent of Americans are celebrating mom today.That’s according to estimates from the National Retail Federation; they say people will spend about 180 dollars a person thanking the women in their lives. The biggest spenders are typically between 35 and 45 years old.

While 35% planned to fill online shopping carts 29% of Americans surveyed said they’d be spending money on mom in person– specifically at jewelers, electronic stores, and flowers shops.

You could say business is blooming. The NRF goes on to predict Americans will spend upwards of $2.6 billion on flowers for mom this year.

Mother’s day is the floral industry’s second busiest holiday after Valentine’s Day and tied with Christmas.

This Mother’s Day ‘Pocket of Posies’ felt the rush as mother’s day and graduation hit the same weekend yet again. ‘Pocket of Posies’ had days of preparation and had a local jewelry artist set up so you could get mom flowers and jewelry all in one stop. We went down and talked to them about the holiday and why it’s important to celebrate our mothers

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